Will i lose my job if im a online nude on web cam

If someone is an abuser, they might be nice to you, give you their attention and buy you presents. Once you start to trust them more, they might try to start to turn your relationship into something more sexual.

They might try to give you gifts or even threaten you with violence so that you don't tell anyone.

Nobody should blackmail or pressure you into doing something sexual online. If you want to speak to someone you can trust about grooming, you can speak to one of our Childline counsellors.

We're here to listen and give you the support you need. If you share sexual photos or videos of yourself with someone, you may lose control over them.

People like this can be very convincing and will try really hard to get you to do what they want.

If something doesn't feel right, it's a good idea to tell someone you trust.

If you think you're being groomed don't worry about getting in trouble – you haven't done anything wrong.

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They could just be doing this to get you to trust them, so later on they can get you to do what they want.

Grooming doesn't only happen online It can happen with people you've already met in person, for example through your family or at a club you go to.

The other person may end up showing them to other people or use them to blackmail you.

For example, they may say they'll post them online if you don't send more images. If a sexual image or video of you has been shared online you can make a report to the Internet Watch Foundation without anyone getting involved.

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