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And he just fit right in, which is not always easy to do on a sitcom, so we all really appreciated that." Allen won't be the only familiar face guest starring in season two.

Ashley Tisdale, who also produces the series, will reprise her memorable role in a dream sequence.

"ABC Family is definitely trying to up the age demographic that they're going for. I really appreciate that because I do feel like 'Young & Hungry' is for an older audience, and it deals with issues that people in the 20s go through -- heartbreak and sex and pot.

We touch on all of it." Everyone can find something to relate to in Gabi's journey, even Osment herself.

And when she does finally find out -- and she is with Cooper -- she has to make a big decision.

She has to decide between Cooper and Josh, or herself." We're going to go out on a limb here and say Gabi ultimately chooses herself -- sorry, Jesse Mc Cartney, your beautiful soul was too much for this world -- because "Pretty Little Liars" star Keegan Allen will pop up later this season as a potential suitor for Gabi. "He plays a love interest of mine who happens to be homeless," Osment teased.

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“It was partially for us, and partially for ABC Family.

And the series will only continue to push the limits even more in its sophomore season, especially with Josh living his best life as an uber-rich, single bachelor.

"We just a new promo for the network, it was all very adult," Osment told us.

And Josh has pretty much bribed Sofia to not tell her, and Yolanda and Elliot know too.

But everyone is sort of in agreement that Gabi just shouldn't know how Josh really feels.

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