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’Arthur, by contrast, has expressed an interest online in food delivery service Deliveroo, and an app called Buzz Maids, which allows users to hire pay-as-you-go cleaners. The BBC’s comedy team held a party for its talent on Wednesday and Shane Allen, controller of comedy commissioning, appears to have decided that laughter is perhaps the best medicine for a Corporation stricken with a serious case of gender pay gap-itis. Pop singer Pixie Lott, who is a judge on ITV’s The Voice Kids, is hoping to inspire a new trend of triple denim.

The 26-year-old star, engaged to M&S underwear model Oliver Cheshire, posted this snap online from her hotel in Paris, in which she models a bold new look comprising a jacket, shirt and hotpants. Theresa May will no doubt be using her summer holiday to catch up on lost sleep.

Tall and confident, Ray watched them enter one by one, more than 50 of them.

Stooping under the low ceiling, they crowded into the dark, windowless space and sat in two tight rings around a pit filled with heated stones.

So they followed him, into Angel Valley and into the darkness of a makeshift sweat lodge draped with tarps and blankets. Two and a half hours later, emergency responders arrived at what one first took for a mass suicide, according to a witness.

Many participants were dazed and disoriented, speaking or yelling deliriously.

His hunky physique immediately attracted compliments from female admirers.

"It’s just terrible that our daughter had to die before we could see how dangerous someone like Ray really could be," says Kirby’s mother, Ginny. This is bigger than our daughter." Kirby Brown grew up with her parents, George and Ginny, and three siblings in Westtown, NY, a one-stoplight community about 70 miles northwest of Manhattan.

After attending Westminster Cathedral Choir school he went to £33,270-a-year Eton, graduating this summer.

At Eton he was in its Combined Cadet Force, which teaches pupils various military skills.

There was vomiting and crying; people frantically doused others with cold water.

One man had fallen into the heated rocks, badly burning his arm.

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