Updating php 4 to 5

Major releases contain new features (compared to the previous major release), minor releases do not contain new features, but only bug fixes and slight improvements (like additional language files).

To understand the release policy of the coppermine dev team you have to understand how bugs are being fixed: we maintain a repository where the core code of each major release is being constantly being improved.

Upload the whole machform folder and files into your site folder, overwriting your old machform files.

The only exceptions are the “data” and “hooks” folder and the “config.php” file. The upgrade script is located in the root of your Mach Form directory. Login to your new Mach Form and take a few moments to go through your installation and confirm it is running correctly.

There is a good reason for every new maintenance release: they are usually being packaged when a new bug or vulnerability is being discovered that is relevant in terms of security.

As suggested above, there are several minor bugfixes that go into each new release as well, not only the one major bug or vulnerability that lead to the maintenance release.

Therefore, it will not be enough to just fix the single vulnerability that has been the initial reason for a new package to be released.

It makes a lot of transformations to the concrete5 database, and sometimes these can take awhile.

This document describes how to upgrade from Mach Form 3.x (3.0 – 3.5) or 4.x (4.0 – 4.8) to the latest Mach Form 5.

If you’re still using v2.x, please check this Upgrading From Version 2.x page instead.

The next major release will be cpg1.6.x (which currently is in the dev pipeline - no scheduled release date yet) - you're just reading the docs for cpg1.5.x.

Minor releases (the third number in the version numbering scheme) represent updates, also known as "maintenance releases".

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