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The following is a complete guide on everything you need to know to survive the coming shift. It’s robbing us of our face-to-face social interactions and communication skills. But again, unfortunately, all guys are thinking like this.

I will lay out exactly why these changes are happening… I believe this is what’s led to the massive rise in online dating sites and apps, which seem to be multiplying exponentially, and keep growing by millions of users every month. You just sit on your couch and flip through your phone like you’re shopping for women on Amazon. I remember, a guy once came up to me at a seminar and said, “Hey Craig, you know I find myself so anxious to talk to women, but online, I have no anxiety at all. ” I got the sense that he actually felt unique in his thinking. They think online dating is great because in their minds: I don’t have to leave the house… So now we’ve got a bunch of “fearless” men who are copy-and-pasting hundreds of messages to women every single day…

These marketers have tests hundreds of different techniques, all in an attempt to identify the most effective way to woo you back.

1) Delete all profiles and apps, and turn off all future communications.

The men who did use them actually hand-typed their messages and put some thought into each one. And it’s also why it’s so easy to end up sitting on your couch, flipping through photos and spamming messages for hours and hours…and maybe getting little or no response. ( In June of 2015, hackers leaked data from popular infidelity site Ashley Madison.com, which was the first public exposure of a dating site intentionally deceiving its users, although it’s insider knowledge that this sort of abuse of male customers is widespread among such sites.

A good-looking girl on OK Cupid gets anywhere from 50-100 messages a day.They claim there is so much hooking up going on that it’s the “.” Let me be the first to say this, these apps generate mediocre results at best.I’ve personally done a lot of testing of my profile and photos and I’ve also compared notes with many other men who are above-average in their ability to attract a woman.Plenty of sites are running these clickbait pieces about “wild millennials” hooking up on these new apps, and it’s a great story which probably generates tons of visitors to their sites… In the NY Post article above, one banker goes on to brag about the endless daily hookup options these apps provide him, but he doesn’t give his name.This guy could either be completely made up or just looking for an opportunity to lie about his accomplishments in public.

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