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"The reason for this is that although it is the same system used to transmit the subtitles, it is not provided by Teletext UK, it is completely different setup."The subtitles for national programmes are provided and generated by the ITFC and local subtitles will continue to be provided and transmitted by Channel Television as they are now," said Karen.Currently all four services are still listed on Freeview's programme guide, but are inactive.Holidays TV was a holiday sales service from the Daily Mail group and appeared on Freeview in 2012 replacing the famous Teletext Holidays service, which began in 1993 on Teletext page 200 and .Speaking to the BBC in Jersey, Karen Rankin, the Managing Director of Broadcast at Channel TV said the closure was a commercial decision.

Despite providing the scores of many different types of games, Ceefax was especially adored by cricket fans – as the quiet ticking over of the game suited the media. Speed compared with red button services Rather ironically many users have found Ceefax’s pages quicker to load than the 21st century red button’s services. The jaunty overnight music Once BBC 1 and BBC 2 stopped broadcasting for the day, Ceefax would come on accompanied by some repetitive but unmistakable music. BBC-certified time check Ceefax provided an immediate and BBC-certified time check on every page. From the comfort of an arm chair, and long before the days of Twitter, people could ‘watch’ revolutions breaking around the globe. Children’s section Before online gaming, there was Ceefax’s children’s section.

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Limited services including holidays, racing and bookmaking and the subtitles on analogue channels will remain available.

Teletext's chat and dating TV channels on Freeview will also be unaffected.

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