Stacey dash and damon dash dating

READ MORE Forty-seven year old Mariah Carey has been called many things throughout her life, from a helluva SANGER, to a straight up diva.

According to her former bodyguard, Michael Anello, though, she is a racist and ?

Well Stacey Dash ignited a firestorm this week while discussing the lack of diversity at this year’s Oscar nominations announcements.

Stacey Dash suggested that BET promotes segregation and should not exist in America.

) is an American actress and talk show host, best known for co-starring in the 1995 feature film Clueless and the television series spinoff of the same name.

She has also appeared in films such as Moving, Mo' Money, Renaissance Man and View from the Top.

All over Mexico you will find people from different races, heights, and skin color.

But you are actually wrong in saying that the nothern states have the shortest and in fact I think I know the study you are referring to, and guess what Sonora showed to have the highest percent of European decent, and it’s actually a northern state.

Maybe you only go to the border towns of these northern states, and that’s why you have this idea of us but most of the people you see in the border towns are people from all over Mexico mainly the south,who come up to the North to sell to the tourists.

The study found that the Mestizo population of these Mexican states were on average 55% of indigenous ancestry followed by 41.8% of European, 1.8% of African, and 1.2% of East Asian ancestry.

The study also noted that whereas Mestizo individuals from the southern state of Guerrero showed on average 66% of indigenous ancestry, those from the northern state of Sonora displayed about 61.6% European ancestry.

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