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The Symantec Email offering is a public cloud service.The Symantec Messaging Gateway product only supports on-premises deployments, but does offer two options: a hardware appliance and a virtual appliance (which could be deployed in a private cloud controlled by the organization).In terms of security capabilities, both products provide all the basic features typical of email security gateways, plus threat intelligence and DLP capabilities.Email encryption is also available for outbound messages -- natively with the Symantec Email service and through the Symantec Content Encryption or Symantec Gateway Email Encryption add-on for the Symantec Messaging Gateway product.Some email security gateways are also able to detect and block the transmission of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and healthcare records.

Neither is clearly superior to the other, and because they use different deployment models, they tend to complement each other well.

These criteria are not comprehensive; they are meant to be used as part of an organization's larger product evaluation process.

Each organization has unique requirements, needs and environments, so, similarly, admins must tailor the product evaluation process for determining the best email security gateway to their own enterprise.

This, in turn, prevents a wide variety of email-borne attacks from succeeding.

The two products offer mutually exclusive deployment models.

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