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Mary appears to be one of the only ‘normal’ people in the book.

One thing about this book is that Mary’s personality shines through. lol What I Loved:-Seriously I just loved each ‘Nicknames’ story…

HAHAI would honestly say that James Bond was my favorite stories, but there were so many it's hard to choose!

Aside from all the dating escapades, you will also take away some great dating advice!

For someone so young she has certainly gone on a lot of dates. LOL I’ve not read a book of this type before but I’m super glad I did.

I would love to read far more from the author about her efforts to find love. I think I’d toss it in the ‘humor/memoir’ genre because it’s a memoir of Mary’s dating stories and I laughed out quite a few times.

Mary makes up Nicknames for each of her potential suitors and if they got a Nickname they are likely a brick short of a full wall (if not missing an entire section).

Names may have been changed to protect the guilty, but I'm sure anyone who has dated this lady will recognise themselves!

The author is very well travelled, she has been married, and she dates a lot.

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