Ponder dating sideline reporter Pronchat routtle

"There are a lot of women who have done it and usually they do it quietly," said Ponder, who will be a guest host on ABC’s The View on Dec.

17 and will be hosting and reporting from the Rose Bowl and national championship game.

This whole traveling thing has an extra dimension when it’s the two of you running through airports with a stroller.

I don’t know how I lucked out so much because I have a baby who likes to fly. Sometimes we’ll see a pilot on the way out and he’ll say, 'Is this her first flight?

Scout Ponder completed her 59th flight last Friday, a 938-mile journey from Minneapolis to Dallas, which likely places her among the nation’s leaders in plane trips for five-month-olds.

I called [senior coordinating producer] Ed Placey in July because I was not going to be able to make something because I did not have child care for that day. He said, 'She is only little once.' To me as a mom, it made me realize they get it and they were willing to stick with me." The toughest thing for Ponder this fall, she said, is knowing that Scout is away from her father, Christian Ponder, a quarterback for the Vikings and a former Florida State football player.' and I’ll say, 'Shoot, she’s flown almost as much as you have probably.'" ​Over the last four months, mother and daughter have flown from Ponder’s home in Minneapolis to the site of ESPN’s Thursday night game.At each game site, the pair is joined by Cindi Steele, Sam’s mother, who flies in from Phoenix each week (the Ponders, not ESPN, pay for her to go) to help out with Scout."Having those months off, he can be with her all those months.One of the greatest joys of motherhood for me is seeing my husband interact with that little girl because he is the greatest dad and genuinely wants to spend every minute he can with her.

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