Philippines dating etiquette

The country is bounded on the west by the China Sea, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, and on the south by the Celebes Sea.

It lies a little above the equator and is 965 kilometers (600 miles) off the southeast coast of the Asian mainland.

The content of Philippine economics is the production by private enterprises while its structure is capitalism and socialism.

Filipino technology includes all that the Filipinos have invented to make their life easier, less arduous, and shifted from the brink of mere survival thus changing their way of life and giving them more control of their physical environment.

The seven distinct elements in Filipino culture are: values, basic personality, basic social unit, politics, economics, technology and ecology.

Each of these aspects of the Filipino culture has a body of ideas called "content" which gives form and meaning to each aspect.

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Philippines is the first democratic country in Asia. Welcome to this country of warm smiles and vivacious people. If you speak English, you will find that most of the Filipinos speak the language; and what’s more, they are only too happy to make your acquaintance in English.

Even if you don’t, the Filipino is so outgoing by nature that making friends out of total strangers or chance acquaintances is simply being in character.

The Filipinos are a happy blend of several races, basically Malay with Chinese, Spanish, Indian and American admixtures.

The content of the Filipino social unit is the family, groups and community life while the structure is the lineage, marriage descent, neighborhood, peer group and villages.

The Filipino politics are the Filipino ideas and structures related to the distribution and channeling of power within the Philippine society for its well-being, order and regulation.

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