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“If we’re in a good mood, we might even let you take some of it home.” ▼ Whether he’ll use that sweet speaker setup to play some make-out music when you come over, or the opening theme from (bride)” Now we come to the point where it becomes debatable whether or not the items on the list are actually positives or not.For example, one 24-year-old respondent said one of the great things about having an otaku boyfriend is that he’ll refer to you as his , literally “bride.” On the one hand, over the years Japanese men have earned a not entirely unjustified reputation as being unable to put their romantic feeling into words.Combine this with Japan’s well-known devotion to young women who’ve gained even a tiny bit of fame, and occasionally they form the unpleasant chimera of Internet stalking.Unfortunately, guys who lack the PC skills of a true geek are often at a loss when it comes to fighting off Internet stalkers, since trying to deal with them in the most direct method (repeated blows to the face) usually just results in breaking their girlfriend’s monitor.Anime USA’s mission is to promote, as well as educate the public about Japanese arts and popular culture.Anime USA is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit managed solely by a staff of volunteers.A group of 30 male otaku in their 20s came together to offer the following five secret upsides to dating a nerd. Free PC maintenance We mentioned above that being a of computers is a common characteristic among otaku, which is an important distinction from being simply a user of computers.Just like in other countries, in modern Japanese society just about everyone spends at least some time on a computer every day, including the young women that male otaku have their eyes on.

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“Not every otaku is into PCs, but a lot of them are, and somewhere along the way they tend to get good at fixing them,” explained one 28-year-old otaku who works a variety of odd jobs.

So while you can count on otaku boyfriends to stay faithful in the physical world, for some of them, the 2-D realm is a wide-open playing field, so be prepared for that possibility.

Just make sure he doesn’t spend too long alone in his bedroom with an Oculus Rift dev kit…

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