Oracle trigger where clause updating

INTO Clause - The INTO clause is used to specify the target table into which you are inserting or updating.

USING Clause - The USING clause specifies the source of the data to be updated or inserted.

CREATE or REPLACE TRIGGER emp_after_insert AFTER INSERT ON emp FOR EACH ROW DECLARE BEGIN insert into emp_backup values (:new.empid, :new.fname, :new.lname); DBMS_OUTPUT.

PUT_LINE('Record successfully inserted into emp_backup table'); END; Second Problem: We want o update a record in the ’emp_backup’ table if a corresponding record is updated in the ’emp’ table.

' On Delete'); END IF; END statement_level; / set serveroutput on INSERT INTO orders (somecolumn) VALUES ('ABC'); UPDATE orders SET somecolumn = 'ZZT'; DELETE FROM orders WHERE rownum CREATE TABLE person ( fname VARCHAR2(15), lname VARCHAR2(15)); CREATE TABLE audit_log ( o_fname VARCHAR2(15), o_lname VARCHAR2(15), n_fname VARCHAR2(15), n_lname VARCHAR2(15), chng_by VARCHAR2(10), chng_when DATE); BEGIN INSERT INTO audit_log (o_fname, o_lname, n_fname, n_lname, chng_by, chng_when) VALUES (: OLD.fname, : OLD.lname, : NEW.fname, : NEW.lname, USER, SYSDATE); END referencing_clause; / INSERT INTO person (fname, lname) VALUES ('Dan', 'Morgan'); SELECT * FROM person; SELECT * FROM audit_log; UPDATE person SET lname = 'Dangerous'; SELECT * FROM person; SELECT * FROM audit_log; UPDATE person SET fname = 'Mark', lname = 'Townsend'; SELECT * FROM person; SELECT * FROM audit_log; COMPOUND TRIGGER BEFORE STATEMENT IS BEGIN ...

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