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So, first, think about the storm runoff and drainage. Do heavy rains wash away soil or mulch in sloped beds?Is there water seeping into your basement from the downspouts being too close to the house like in Gonsiorek’s yard?Dry stream beds are usually used in one of two ways: within a Japanese garden to give the appearance of a stream, or as a practical solution to an area where water regularly runs through and it gets too wet to mow or tend, but 95 percent of the time it is dry.

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And place some boulders in the middle of the stream to look as if they were too heavy for the current to move.Plus, if a large quantity of water will flow through the stream bed during a storm, be sure your gravel and pebbles are heavy enough so they don’t get washed away.Also, avoid placing rocks in any pattern whatsoever.“You don’t want a constant width with stones and boulders lined up evenly.You want slight width changes, changes in direction, and a change of rock shapes and sizes as the stream travels along.” For instance, natural streams widen on the bends.

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