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" If nothing else, is at least the easiest to spot of Van Damme's films, with its futuristic setting and the rodent-like performance of villain Ron Silver making it instantly recognisable through even the thickest beer goggles.

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Seagal mutters and hisses his way through the movie as ex-Navy SEAL Casey Ryback (top line: "I'm just a COOK!

For sheer spectacle and mid-80s violence, however, beats anything else in Schwarzenegger's extensive back catalogue.

Arnold stars as retired soldier, John Matrix, an indestructible killing machine who becomes murderously annoyed when a gang kidnaps his daughter Jenny (a youthful Alyssa Milano) from their mountain retreat.

You can also have fun laughing at all the iffy accents, cold war era Russian stereotypes and spectacular one-liners ("I do not want to touch his ass. Armed with little more than a mullet and his own phrasebook of sage advice and witticisms (his response to being called a "cocksucker" is to suavely intone that the put down is merely "two nouns combined to elicit a prescribed response"), Swayze succeeds in battering everyone to a pulp and, in one memorably harsh moment, rips an opponent's throat out.

The scene where a character is knocked to the ground by a falling stuffed polar bear is also worth staying up for.

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