Juggalo dating game

We’re in the parking “lot” of Legend Valley, a grassy farmland in Thornville, Ohio, a road-heavy region replete with 30-cent wings on Tuesdays.It’s the most recent place on earth to host the Gathering of the Juggalos, the Insane Clown Posse’s annual four-day festival, which everyone has an opinion on, including everyone who learned I’d be attending.There’s a cavalcade of “Busey Beauties” corralled by Gary Busey’s nephew, Mike, who will give you a free lap dance in a bronzed wheelchair if you buy a t-shirt.There’s a blonde cracking a whip that’s literally on fire to the sounds of a drum circle, for spectators seated on hay bales.Psychopathic Records is ICP’s DIY operation after parting ways with the majors who infamously allowed their parent company Disney to interfere with the vulgar 1997 breakthrough .I feel like Taylor Swift fumbling to craft the most perfectly affable @ to Nicki Minaj.

During “Dysfunctional,” Tech and Kaliko synchronize jogging in place, while a crowd member with Christmas lights strewn through his dreadlocks periodically drinks from a gasoline can.He performs a lust paean to Miley Cyrus (“Put molly in her ass! The kid holds out his phone to take a selfie before even reaching for the money.For the climactic “Brick in Yo Face,” Stitches and his hypeman heave Ziplock baggies of flour-resembling-cocaina onto the front row.Then I take my first beer can to the head; it’s lighter than you’d think.Watching firsthand as crowd participants quaff from full-sized bottles of Jack and Fireball and send them up in the air as well, I’m lucky enough to spend the rest of the weekend without finding out how glass feels against my skull. Chang’s, then pulls a woman up to exit stage left with Kaliko because she allegedly “promised to suck his d—k.” His next song, “Areola,” is a Miami bass throwback la “Whoomp!

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