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Wherever you are, Iranians will come up to you and say “hello,” take pictures with you, and invite you to their home or even offer you a free guided tour of their hometown.

If you’re wondering how to greet people you meet on the streets, start by learning basic Farsi greetings.

Many female travellers tend to be concerned about the dress code, which is understandable as it’s something that some of us aren’t used to.

I myself was a little worried prior to my trip, but I got used to the headscarf and baggy clothes just after an hour or so of crossing into the border.

If you’re looking for a country full of surprises, then Iran is the place to go.

Avoid full eye contact (which is sometimes misinterpreted as sexual interest) and decline their offers to show you around if you are alone.Everyone was dressing that way, so it felt natural and I blended in right away.Since ancient Silk Days, Iranians have been accustomed to having travellers as guests.When you arrive, check to see if the host is wearing shoes. Show respect for the elders by greeting them first, and shake everyone's hand individually. Note that meals taken at home are usually served on the floor and eaten without utensils (it is only in modern homes that meals are served at a dining table with place settings).Remember to eat with your right hand and try a bit of everything that is served.

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