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It also works closely with a small charity called the Widows' Fund, and has an investment company that manages the Society's portfolio of reserves. I would like to pass on my thanks and appreciation to you and FPS for the excellent and comprehensive presentations you gave in Germany in July.Thank you for taking the time to provide such an excellent brief on Armed Forces Pensions at RAF Cosford. I am having such a hectic week I would never have been able to come up with the figures in time and would have zero confidence! It is reassuring to know that there is an organisation like yours that is there to represent the soldiers’ interests in both their career planning and unravelling the often baffling complexities of the AFPS.If you are leaving with an AFPS 75 Immediate Pension (IP) or an EDP, and are not aged 55, the PIs are stored for you and become payable at age 55.These pension rates are published for information only.We also sit on the Mo D Pensions Board and on the Public Sector Pensioners Council representing our Members’ interests.These are just a few of the unsolicited responses we receive from Members who have accessed our acknowledged experts in our Pension Advisory Service led by Lt Cdr David Marsh.Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) – This part of the pension is shareable and can be made the subject of the pension sharing order. Service Invalidating Pension (SIP) – This is awarded if a service member is forced to retire on the grounds of ill health.This element of the pension is shareable and can be made the subject of a pension sharing order. Service Attributable Pension (SAP) – This element of the pension is payable to veterans who experience injury, illness or death in service. The SAP cannot be made the subject of a pension sharing order. War Disablement Pension (WDP) – This is awarded if a veteran becomes disabled due to service in the armed forces.

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It is absolutely vital that you take legal advice at an early stage if you are considering a divorce and you are a military pension holder or are married to one.GOV website here: Armed Forces Pension Schemes Booklets Armed Forces Pension Queries Defence Business Services Pensions Division Mail Point 480 Kentigern House 65 Brown Street Glasgow G2 8EX Pay and Pensions Enquiry Service Contact Number: Tel: 01 Freephone: 08 Normal Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0700 - 1900 E-mail: [email protected] Service personnel who wish to obtain a Pensions quote should write to the following address, giving their name, Service number and date of birth: Pensions Division Mail Point 487 Kentigern House 65 Brown Street Glasgow G2 8EX Please note that a serving member is permitted one free pension quote per 12 month period.Further requests may be made, but there will be an administrative charge for them.Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the pension sharing procedure and may instruct an actuary (pensions expert) on your behalf who will be able to accurate calculate how much of the pension is shareable so you are able to preserve as much of your benefit as possible.Our family law team advises families across the South West on the best solutions for them.

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