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Actually since this slipper wearer has been divorced I think I came close to making it a yearish on thrice occasions.A year is mighty fine, not as good as an eternity So if i made it too a year, i reckon I wouldve earned me boots and corsets or i do something romantic with adventure, bucket loads and nicking the eifel tower and possibly cake The simple man part is erring wistfully towards the first.Guess my question would be what would HE like to do?Personally I avoid celebrating stuff because someone, somewhere said its a 'special day'.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

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Rather than my cooking for us at home we did go back to the restaurant where we met and had our first date. Right now the city is being hit with a snow storm and they are expecting seven inches by morning.Maybe that's why I had a great near four decades long marriage.He didn't like anniversary stuff but did appreciate and savour sexy, fun things when not expected. or a lot of other things that a gal is VERY likely to remember. Unless she reminded me sufficiently in advance, I'd be likely to ask what the celebration was about. Don't "help" the celebration by making it a suprize.******************How any particlyular celebration should be handled depends on the people.(I only thought of this, because I work at a hotel with jacuzi's...LOL)2) Go to a supermarket and ride around on motorized shopping cart. To me, an anniversary is both a recognition of the year completed and a recommitment to the future.

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