G dragon dating yunho

Literally “Red and White Song Battle“, the program divides the most popular music artists of the year into competing teams of red and white.There’s only a few greatest artists that could perform at NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.Spotted i KON Koo Jun Hoe at Club in Seoul Thus take a look at this, from a top idol star GD to a popular actor Kim Soo Hyun, secret smokers that will shock you.Not all the pics are from the year, so there’s a chance some of these folks have quit smoking.

Changmin revealed Yunho's passion has made him felt ashamed.

TWICE will perform at NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, more commonly known as simply Kōhaku, which official translation is “Year-end Song Festival“.

This is an annual music show on New Year’s Eve produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK and broadcast on television and radio, nationally and internationally by the NHK network and by some overseas (mainly cable) broadcasters who buy the program.

CCTV footages showed Kang In and three members of his entourage throwing punches at two men.

It was revealed through footages that the two men started the fight.

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