Dating mother two

Melissa doesn’t just carry films—she writes and produces them with husband Ben Falcone as well.

Though her CBS series ; she’ll star and he’ll direct.

But also on our checklist is the ability to influence and inspire us to reach higher and further in building better lives for ourselves—as well as the sway to elicit thought and change by advocacy and sheer proxy of example.Of the controversy, Bey had it handled: “If celebrating my roots and culture during Black History Month made anyone uncomfortable, those feelings were there long before a video and long before me.I'm proud of what we created and I'm proud to be a part of a conversation that is pushing things forward in a positive way,” she told As a businessperson, she’s never at a loss for ways to add to her revenue stream.Today, the young mom completely rules the charts, churning out hit after hit that tugs on the heartstrings of kids and grandparents alike.She boasts last year’s world’s best-selling album, (her third best-selling album in a row), boosting global music business revenues for the first time in almost 20 years.

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