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Without seeing your movement here are various types that one of them should help you regulate the time.These brass gears would also make lovely steampunk jewelry charms! This movement is a model 77 and was made for Emperor Clock by Erhard Jauch Uhrenfabrik.This is a weight and chain driven movement, rather than wind-up with a key and measures about 5" square on the brass side plates. It's marked Made in Germany (rather than West Germany) and is pen engraved with 11-89 09006, but we're dating to the later 1970s as Emperor Clock opened in 1969 and Erhard Jauch Uhrenfabrik closed in 1983. With this number Urgos started this line pre WW2 in the 1940's up to maybe the 1950's there are no records of the exact date.Haller, Jauch & Papst introduced the marketing name "URGOS" (Uhren und Gongfabrik Schwenningen) in 1923 with the written word "Urgos" under a crowned Griffin.

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