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As the rightful leader of your family, this is unacceptable behavior.A saying I’m quite fond of is “If you can change a situation or circumstance, stop complaining about it and go change it.They can also be called upon for counsel when multiple solutions to a problem are available.

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While the “rumors” were reported by outlets like Vocativ and the International Business Times, Nairaland users promptly called out the trolling — much to the prankster’s disappointment.“The whole thing needs more effort,” he complained.This is, of course, all in the standard 4chan playbook.As most of our readers in the USA already know, this has resulted in a lot of political posturing, virtue signaling, and distraction from what is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime, not that I give a rat’s ass about professional sports one way or another and think it’s a distraction from your own life.Phil Valentine succinctly stated that if you aren’t leading, then you will be led and he couldn’t be more right.

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