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Bishop Hacket began the restoration of the cathedral in the 1660s, aided by substantial funds donated by the restored monarch, but it was not until the 19th century that the damage caused by the Civil War was fully repaired.Up until the 19th century, on top of an ornamented gable, between the two spires, stood a colossal figure of Charles II, by Sir William Wilson. Although the 18th century was a golden age for the City of Lichfield, it was a period of decay for the cathedral.The walls of the nave lean outwards slightly, due to the weight of stone used in the ceiling vaulting; some 200–300 tons of which was removed during renovation work to prevent the walls leaning further.Lichfield suffered severe damage during the English Civil War in which all of the stained glass was destroyed.It was completed by the building of the Lady Chapel in the 1330s.

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Pope Adrian sent Higbert the pallium, denoting his support for this move.The cathedral is dedicated to St Chad and Saint Mary.Its internal length is 113 metres (370 feet), and the breadth of the nave is 21m (68').It is closely related in style to the Lindisfarne Gospels.The manuscript is on display in the Chapter House from Easter to Christmas.

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