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The money that's in this sport now, compared to when Randy Couture was here, is night and day."How much UFC fighters are actually paid is a carefully guarded secret.

Although some state athletic commissions are required by law to report a fighter's base pay, most fighters are also paid a variety of bonuses that are not included in that mandatory reporting.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather earned million for a single night's work against Robert Guerrero earlier this month.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will make up to million in mostly guaranteed money to lead his team for the next five seasons.

The battle has been tough on him, emotionally and financially.

When facts do trickle out in the press, it can be revealing. When you actually take into account those costs that we bear, and other leagues don't, we actually compare very favorably on an apples-for-apples basis."Randy Couture, one of the sport's true legends and a UFC Hall of Famer, was loath to complain about a career that has made him a millionaire.But that has not stopped Fury from mocking the new unified champion as he labeled the 27-year-old the biggest hoax in boxing.‘Biggest fraud in boxing at the moment is Anthony Joshua,’ he said.Georges St-Pierre, the UFC welterweight champion, for example, told the Canadian press in 2011 that he makes a comparatively modest -5 million per fight."People want to compare us to other sports, and in some sense that's fair to do," UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta said. We've had to open up offices in various countries around the world, work to get laws passed in states all over the U. He understands the efforts and expense it took to build this sport from the ground up.He sat down with two key members of his team, president Dana White and general counsel Lawrence Epstein, to discuss the inner workings of the UFC's fighter contract with Bleacher Report."There are a number of things that are unique to our business," Fertitta continued. Those media entities then roll in and operate the entire production. So those expenses are not borne upon the actual league or entity. There's over a thousand people who get paychecks when we do these events. But he couldn't help but wonder about the discrepancy between mainstream sports money and what he and other top UFC stars are paid."It's hard for me to sit here and bitch and complain about the pay I got when I made more money competing in mixed martial arts than I ever made doing anything else," Couture told Bleacher Report in an exclusive interview.

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