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Countless longitudinal studies have proven that quality sexuality education leads to improved health outcomes and perception of self in young people.To that end, this book aims to improve the landscape of sex ed for the benefit of young people in Illinois.Youth implemented this research process in order to act as the primary investigators of their own lives and communities by asking: Watch the extended version.  Watch the research process video.","source":"Watch the extended version.  Watch the research process video."},"h Size":null,"float Dir":null,"html":"" data-provider-name="You Tube"The report calls for a clear need to support healthier conversations between youth and their given and chosen families around sex and sexuality. The family you live at home with and/or the family you were born into such as your parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. the supportive community you put together outside of the family you were given.This can sometimes include friends, but also adult allies, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.ICAH's youth leaders published a new comprehensive sexuality education curriculum for grades 6-12 that aligns with the National Sexuality Education Standards. Sex Ed Saves: Amplifying Youth Voice through Sex-Positive Education addresses youth's needs for sexual health, rights, and identities knowledge through a range of interactive and expressive activities that engage all learning styles.Lessons range from anatomy, pregnancy, and reproduction, to media justice, healthy relationships, and advocacy.I have explored the mind and human behavior through my career and through my personal experiences. That could be for emotional stability, a successful career, academic achievements, healthy social relationships, self-esteem, love, wellness, success, and much more.

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This strategy does not work for young people who identify as queer or trans, who are parenting, or who are not monogamous.In 2013, ICAH hosted a PAR project to support families in understanding a core value: that young people need to be safe, affirmed, and healthy.The Given & Chosen Families Research Report provides both qualitative and quantitative insight into empowering ideas about conversations with given and chosen families about sex and sexuality.ICAH’s training and education reflect our approach to sexuality education that is medically accurate, developmentally- & age-appropriate, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and inclusive of youth with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning identities.We use the National Sexuality Education Standards to develop the curriculum used in our Peer Education and Adult & Professional Development initiatives.

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