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’, and brings up the very point it seeks to avoid.” Controversy is raging in Australia over changing the national curriculum to reflect the new BCE orthodoxy.

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"BC" just means Before Christ and counts backward from the same year AD starts (there is no year "0").They want to remove all references of Christ because it underscores that indeed Jesus existed, and he was so significant that even his birth divides time. While they may not be the language of everyday life, the new terms BCE, Before Common Era and CE , Common Era (first invented in the sixth century AD) are now the rule in order to express politically correct sensitivity to non-Christians.His primary option at the time was to base his years on the emperor Diocletian who had persecuted Christians nearly 250 years before.Instead, he rewrote the calendar, counting up from the incarnation of Christ which he determined had occurred 525 years before (although he left no indication as to how he arrived at that number).

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