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This prompted a rapid expansion of market gardening, with every available and suitable space being turned over to production.

The soft fruit was packed into wooden punnets, which were cottage industry.

Parental approval Thuy Linh, despite playing a schoolgirl in the series, is actually a first-year college student.

During the 1920’s a factory co-operative was started in the village of Calstock by the Tamar Valley Growers Association. Along with strawberry punnets they made different sizes of basket for different produce.

Timber was sourced from local woodlands and was also imported from Canada and Russia.

With competition from imported fruit and the demise of the railways in the 1960’s, flower and fruit growing reduced in the area. The baskets were woven from timber imported from Scandinavia, rotarily veneered and guillotined into strips.

With the introduction of plastic containers the demand for chip baskets declined and the factory closed. Image: Courtesy of Mark Tamblyn, Fred Rogers’ grandson.

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