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Examples of patients with accidental disabilities include those who have suffered stroke, motor vehicle trauma, and those with other physical handicapping conditions.

For those patients unable to tolerate dental care due to anxiety, inability to remain still or inability tounderstand or comprehend instructions, conscious sedation or general anesthesia is used to enable thepatient to receive comprehensive dental care all the while remaining safe and comfortable. When general anesthesia is used, a separate board certifiedanesthesiologist is present to ensure patient safety and to monitor the patients during the dentalprocedure.Medical consultation is often a necessary part of this patient's care.Many medical conditions and the pharmaceutical agents used to treat them have effects on the health of the mouth as well as the procedures and drugs used during routine dental care.Public hospitals and clinics and medical offices operated by state and local governments are covered by Title II of the ADA as programs of the public entities.Section 504 covers any of these that receive federal financial assistance, which can include Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.

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